Road trip pt. 2 & muuta

Domrémy la Pucelle - Reims - Paris - Chateau Thierry - pikkukaupunkeja - Pyreneiden vuoristo - Pamplona - rantaviivaa - Bilbao - - -

Liityin Artist's Birth -taidevälitykseen jo taannoin. Joined in Artist's Birth art rental gallery some time ago.

From the website:

The Finnish company Artist’s Birth focuses on discovering and promoting young talented Finnish artists who create a variety of works from paintings and drawings to prints, photographs, sculptures and installations. Artist’s Birth was founded to help young artists by giving them the opportunity to reach a wide audience while they are still in art school. We represent and support our artists like French ”marchand d'art” in the 19th and 20th centuries. We promote young artists, sell and rent their artworks as well as organize exhibitions and various events not only in Finland but also abroad. The Artist’s Birth company leads its activity in a different way from the ordinary. Artists do not have to pay us any fees because for us the priority is to give our artists the opportunity to focus on creating art. One of our main purposes is to change people’s mind about the art world and to break away from the hermetic art world, which is widely considered to be something only for specialists and art collectors. Together with our artists, we would like to give people the opportunity to get to know and better understand contemporary art. By supporting the young talented artists, our clients will be eyewitnesses of their transformation from young students to mature artists, which was symbolically included in the company’s name and logo.

Minulla oli myös ilo tutustua Kölnin taiteilijayhteisö Kolbhalleen.

Paikkaa on, tietenkin, kaupunki ajamassa alas sillä tilalle halutaan rakentaa asuinhuoneistoja.

Vastarinta on silti vielä vahva eikä toivoa menetetty!

Save Kolbhalle! The most innovative artist's community in Köln is about to be wiped out so the city can build more dull flats on it's place. Hope is not yet lost, however!

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