STATEMENT I disagree with the idea of museums having the privilege of cheating the audience and paying customers by showing forged art. For this reason I'm projecting my pastiche piece Eros und Psyche: Füssli Extended. Greeting to Kunsthaus Zürich from a viewer who cried in the museum toilet 2016 after being eye-raped by a Füssli fraud.

* * *

Dear art forgerers, please avoid the exess use of lead white. Not cool. Doesn't make the thing look any older and you don't have the talent to use the stuff.

* * *

Eros and Psyche: Füssli Extended projected in Artbox Gallery the whole september.

Because this ladyship has an immaculate taste.

* * *

Edellisen merkinnän lainaus teoksesta Blake, kirjoittanut Peter Ackroyd (1995).

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